Cailin took this shoot in Cape Breton 2013-10-09

Cailin took this shot in Cape Breton 2013-10-09

We love the Nova Scotia seasons. The change from summer to Fall is such a wonderful procession as the changing colours march across the valley outside our house. Blessedly, there have been beautiful sunny days, cool clear nights and very little wind to blow the leaves down!

We are happy to announce some fun gigs coming up too! We are doing a small showcase at a new music venue called Ceilidh’s Pub in Dartmouth, Tuesday Oct 15. Always great supporting a new live music venue and this one has good food and is licensed so you can enjoy a beverage… or two.

IvanBconcertposterOur next evening at ROCA House is on Nov. 1st with Ivan Boudreau playing his great songs and we’ll join him on some and add a couple of songs ourselves. Ivan has released several CDs including a few under the band name “Tusket”  on which Robert played keys on some of the tunes. We’re looking forward to hearing his new stories and tunes. Check out these samples!

In a few days, we’ll be catching Mo Kenny in a special concert at Government House here in Halifax. Robert won tickets via ‘Halifax Pop Explosion’ folks. Very cool!

Then, provided we don’t get a gig like the last couple shows, we’ll be attending Bluebird North Halifax  with Carmel Mikol, Carmen Townsend, Jim Dorie, Kev Corbett and host Mel Farrimond which should be a whole bunch of fun!

Other than that it’s back to working around the house, walking the dogs, finding more gigs, and most important of all it’s time to get song writing again.