What a great trip to BC!! We played 10 gigs in the 3 weeks and every one was different and all were a great experience. We got to visit with family and friends but it’s never long enough. 🙁

The Maple Ridge Times was kind enough to ask reporter Maria Rantanen to come out to Westacres and interview us. She wrote a great article posted June 13th. And she took this video too. It’s an impromptu take of Avalon. Maria started video when we were part way in warming up but it’s fun to have the memory of her visit.

We’re now getting over jetlag and sorting out our next steps of finding gigs, doing some audio/video editing work on what was recorded at the Westacres concert and trying to keep dry. Seems we missed some of the sunny days here and it will be a few more days before the sun hits again!

Our gigs at the Blue Loon Grill in Clearwater and the Solid Rock Cafe in 108 Mile house (95 people!!) were super. So nice to see old friends and make new ones. It’s nice when folks come up and say they remember us being there 2 years ago.

Our gig at the REO rafting resort was different! Remote, beautiful wilderness and rushing river. A fabulous eco-tourist / rafting adventure place. Robert loved the sound of the river all night; Cailin, not so much. 🙂

We’re sad to hear that the fabulous Minter Gardens is closing it’s doors after all these years. All things change and the economics and other demands are against him it seems. At least we got one last chance to enjoy the gardens! Many will miss Minters.

We’ll now get busy on the computers and post video as soon as we can!