Oh, where to begin. Now that Spring is just around the corner, there is soooooo much to do to get ready for our upcoming touring season. And if that wasn’t enough already, we decided to put our house on the market, too. AAAaaaggghhh! What were we thinking?

But it’s all good. We’ve been busier than a beehive these last few weeks, making repairs and touch ups around the house, cleaning it up ‘right some good’ for prospective buyers (and realizing how much we’ve accumulated in the last 5 years since moving here… how does that happen?).

In addition, we’ve been writing a business and marketing plan to help us in our quest for music grants (we made how much and spent how much???). Who knew that writing a business plan could be so difficult? But, we’re nearly done and ready to submit for a couple different grants to help offset some of the costs of touring. Going to Europe isn’t cheap! Neither is going out west, but it’s what we love to do, so we’re going to make it happen.

And yes, we’re giving away our three newly recorded tunes! We have decided to make our new EP “2 of Hearts” absolutely free to anyone and everyone who wants it. Why? Well, we’ve done a lot of soul searching and we think our vision statement says it best (Can you tell we’ve been writing a business plan?).

“The vision of Campbell + Green is to make a contribution to humanity, to be advocates for all-inclusiveness, to heal intolerance by bringing people together through music, if even for a short time. Their vision is to continue to write songs that inspire and touch people’s hearts, and to link whole communities with each other, without preaching, through their music and performance.”

Whew, pretty deep, eh? We get that way sometimes.

But, seriously, we truly believe that music heals and can bring people together. Music does not discriminate, and neither do we. So, to show our gratitude to YOU, our friends, fans and family, please accept this gift, from our hearts to yours. And how do you get a copy of the aforementioned EP? Simple!

and click on the link at the top of the page. If you wish to repay us in some way, please share this or sign up for our quarterly newsletter – the first one is coming out shortly. We’d love to stay in touch and make sure you get any other perks we offer along the way.

Anyway, better get back to it. Once the business plan is done, we need to get pretty heavy into rehearsals, writing new tunes, figuring out all the details of travel, accommodations, etc., booking more gigs across Canada, booking lots of gigs across Canada (help! Any ideas for concerts, house concerts?), selling, packing, moving, downsizing, and yeah, I guess somewhere in there we need to find time to eat and sleep. It’s all good!

Peace + Love,

Robert + Cailin

p.s.: Please do share this and our work. It really helps and it means a lot to us.

note… header live photo credit: Bruce Dienes