Our tour and visiting family & friends for the last couple of weeks has been fantastic! The response for the new tunes has been great and we so appreciate hearing folks tell us about the songs they like. It’s great to hear how different songs are ‘favorites’ for different people!

John & Kathy Marven house concert

We landed in Abbotsford tired (Robert promises to check for extra ‘milk run’ stops on airplane flights next time) and suffered jet lag for a few days then played 3 shows starting a few days later. The first, a house concert at the home of John and Kathy Marven with about 30 folks, was terrific. It was their first house concert and they did a bang up job.

The next day we hit Aldergrove, ‘South of the Fraser’ as they say out here, and played at Bob Long’s steakhouse and even saw an old acquaintance Robert had not seen for about 14 years. That’s the great thing about community newspapers putting articles in for you; they do get read on occasion!

Little brick Church concert

On Sunday the 9th we had a great afternoon concert at the cute heritage hall, St Andrews Church. Lots of new faces were there as well as some familiar ones too. Very ‘folksy’ and Laurie Thain was a great hostess with Blair and Marlene keeping the house in order.

We also stopped in to our old haunt, the Billy Miner Pub, and jammed a bit and hugged a lot. It was great!!

Thanks to Ivan Boudreau we filled in as ‘featured artists’ at the Songstage event on Tuesday June 11th at the Maple Ridge Arts Centre Theatre. A lovely venue Robert knows all too well (he was theatre director there for a couple of years when it first opened about 8 years ago).ACT Maple Ridge Songstage Songstage, featuring songwriters young & old, newbies & veterans,  is one of the many events sanctioned and supported by the Songwriters Association of Canada. If you are a songwriter, or even just interested in music, check them out!

Westacres house ConcertThen on Saturday the 15th we had a fabulous event where we are staying here at “Westacres” which is the home of Josine Eickelenboom [yes, she is Dutch! 🙂 ]  Josine has been hosting a classical music series here in her house for 35 years. She is truly an amazing woman and maybe the longest running house concert presenter in Canada.

Her, and her late husband, bought the house partly because of the location of the property and partly for the main room which is truly spectacular and sounds great. Just moments from central Maple Ridge BC the main room looks over large pond and lush forest. Westacres house concertFor her concerts there are upwards of 125 people. for our show we were well over 40 and maybe closer to 50. Lots of friends and family and a few folks from Josines’ friends plus, again, the great local papers.

We are now just getting over what we believe are allergies mixed with summer colds and have headed inland to “Cariboo Country”. (Cailin promises to not get any more migraines on any future road trips! 🙂 ) We just did our first of 2 nights in Clearwater and then we go to 108 Mile house then a night in the Fraser Canyon and then another gig in Chilliwack on Sunday when we get back to the lower mainland.

We love seeing the interior of BC again. However, we really noticed the devastation caused by the mountain pine beetle. Trees that just a few years ago were healthy or just starting to show red needles are now dry sticks. Amazing and sad to see miles and miles of dead and dying pine trees.

Countering that… We just love seeing old our friends and making new ones!! Tonight at the Blue Loon Grill was great. When you sell a dozen CD’s in a small crowd you certainly feel supported and grateful.

now… someone stop the rain! We were mostly rain free until today and apparently another day of it tomorrow! ;-(