And we’re not done yet! We have one more tour across Canada and back by VIA Rail to close out the year. We leave Sunday November 25th for a show in Toronto  then off to BC for a series of shows in the early part of December. Then visiting with friends and family over the holidays before returning.

So we still have some openings for house concerts if you want to host us. It’s easy; just contact us!

In 2019 we have a few months around the Halifax area to write and record new songs before we head out and do it all again. We plan to stay in Canada for 2019 focussing on increasing our reach here, before returning to Europe again in the spring of 2020. Robert is busy booking our next spring, summer and fall. Any help is welcome at booking house concerts, listening rooms and festivals. We plan on going across Canada, so if you know of anywhere that would be a good fit for us, please let us know.

New Digs!

Our new view from our condo apartment

Our new view from our condo apartment

We promised a lot of people, while on our travels, that we would send pictures of our new place when we moved in. Well, here is a picture of the view from our living room. We are almost done our renovations and have moved in. It’s a tiny condo apartment with a bit of a view of Dartmouth, two small bedrooms, a small kitchen and a small living room! We wanted to downsize so we could focus more on music and touring and that’s exactly what we’re doing. It will take a bit of time for us to adjust to the smaller space, but we will manage. We figure since we can live out of one small suitcase each for months at a time while we are on the road, we should do just fine with four whole rooms! And the trade off… no lawn mowing, no snow shovelling, no weeding, no exterior house maintenance. Of course, we pay a small condo fee for someone else to do it, but it’s worth it. It frees up a whole lot of our time so we can focus on the things we love doing. (We will post some more photos on Facebook in the New Year).

Where have we been?

Where to start? Last winter we launched our second ever Kickstarter campaign and raised over $5000 to help pay for the recording of our latest album ‘On Being Human’. We recorded the album through March and had a soft release in April. Cailin’s Dad and stepmom visited the last week of April and we were able to finish the album in time to give them a copy. We started our touring May 9th when we boarded VIA Rail for Montreal, where we did a show at the funky Mariposa Le Cafe, and a house concert in Toronto, before boarding a plane bound for Frankfurt, Germany! We spent the next six weeks touring western Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Copenhagen! A fabulous tour, once again. The highlights – seeing Copenhagen for the first time, performing on TV in Friesland, playing in Northern Germany on the coast of the Baltic Sea and on the North Sea, and most especially, seeing old friends and making new ones.


When we returned home, Cailin’s mom came for a visit in July, during which time we flew out to BC for a week of shows, to return in time to pack up and get out! On August 17th, we temporarily moved in to our dear friends’ house in Lower Sackville where we dropped in sheer exhaustion in the grips of one hell of a chest cold, but not before playing the Coal Shed Festival in Yarmouth, a house concert in Dartmouth, and a concert in beautiful Cape Breton. We also played for the first time at the Armdale Yacht Club in Halifax. And now we are packing up and boarding VIA Rail once again for a tour across this great land of ours and spending Christmas with family in BC.

In the plans for our future?

We are just mapping out where our next touring will be and it looks like Spring 2019 will take us to places between Halifax and Toronto; summer will keep us busy in the Maritimes; and Fall 2019 will most likely see us back in the west through BC and Alberta. We may try to squeeze in more of the prairies, too, if we can manage it. We would also like to add in writing sessions this year with fascinating Canadian artists across the country. There is so much amazing talent in the country coming from all walks of life and we’d like to experience that on a deeper level. Who knows what amazing opportunities will come of that? The best part about being a touring musician is meeting so many interesting people! Our lives are so much richer for it, and through our music, we get to share that with you. How perfect is that?

Also in the plans are to write and record a Christmas album for release in November 2019. We already have a few great songs, so we’ll be focussing on writing a few more over the next couple of months, while the season is upon us. And we plan to record the odd single here and there, too, for release at various times of the year. So, lots coming up, lots to keep us busy, lots to keep us motivated in this game we call life. So many people to meet and places to see! And we’d love to take you all with us.

In Closing

So, on that note, be well everyone. Remember to stop and breathe every now and again and listen to the beauty that’s around you, even amidst all the negativity in our daily news. There is love and kindness out there. We see it everyday. You just have to look.

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