Don’t Take Your Troubles To The Grave
Robert Campbell / Cailin Green / Ivan Boudreau © SOCAN

Blood shot eyes starin’ back from your coffee
Man, You’ve got the blues
You read the mail, you’ve done the numbers
looks like you’re goin’ under

Money in your pockets,
slipping through the holes
You can’t afford to buy new clothes, but

Don’t Take Your Troubles To The Grave
If you don’t let em go, they’ll just drag you down anyway
find a way to make a change, don’t worry ’bout yesterday
Let it slip away, and
Don’t Take Your Troubles To The Grave

Happy days they seem so far behind you
Smiles only bring you down
You feel so low you’re lookin’ up at the bottom
cloudy days, you got ’em

You’re one true love walked out the door
Left you lyin
Face down on the floor, but


Call on your neighbour,
Call up your preacher
Call on your maker
Don’t let the blues defeat you
’cause you know, there’s always someone
who needs you, so