She could launch a thousand ships, to sail across the sea
How could I come to her, anchored in my fear
Fog surrounded me, sweet sirens set me free
cast me to the wind and tides, keep me from retreat
Currents change, aligned my fate, hook was set I took the bait

Now there’s just me and you, on a boat made for two
Together we will do, all the things we want to
Love, love, love, has its’ hooks in me
I’m glad I’ll never be, another Fish in the Sea

 used to cast a net so wide, hope on the waves did ride
casting lines into the sea without much luck it seems,
on the day she reeled me in, fast I did abide
cross her gunwales I did go, lay gasping at her side
Strange how the winds did blow to set us on this course we row,


Stories will tell of me and you, How two hearts can be so true


2013 © Campbell + Green

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