Three little girls in a house by the sea
Hungry and cold with despair
Christmas Eve coming, no tree by the fire
No sweet smell of spice on the air

In a house by the sea, three little girls prayed
While their brother heard all through the door
He longed for a way to make wishes come true
Oh, but what could he do being poor?

Away at dawn, from the house by the sea
To find labour and pay for his time
The tide rose and fell, his hands blistered and bruised
But failure, he could not abide

With pennies in his pocket, he ran to the store
Three dolls he hoped there to find
But his pennies could only have angels of wood
So angels of wood he did buy

Christmas Eve came to the house by the sea
Three angels were placed by the fire
But the little girls prayed for dolls with fine dresses
And all three at once, they did cry

Again to your beds, said Mama to all
And maybe St. Nick will come back
To their beds they did go to dream once again
Of dolls dressed in ribbons and caps

Their brother so quietly stole to the shed
And did saw all the wings from the dolls
And mama had sewn new dresses and hats
With pieces she cut from old clothes

And when they awoke, three dollies they saw
In a line, but the fire, one two three
And Christmas was saved because of the love
In a little old house by the sea