Granddad worked as a money man and ran the general store

Daddy was born up the coal branch The foothills at his door

Aging trinkets in a wooden box  I sit here trying to pick this lock

to learn about my fathers ways,  But still I cannot say , I’ve…

Walked a mile in the old mans shoes

How do I, how do I

Carry on with his Golden rules

How do I, How do I

Walk a Mile in the old mans shoes

He worked and spoke as no one could, He stood ten feet talll

far and wide they heard his name, like a sirens call

sitting in his chair that rocks, the silence broken by a ticking clock

Long past twilight hour, never will he call… but I’ll


 The mettle of a man is hard to measure

  You don’t see it when he’s walking in this land

  Not until his passing days do you see the treasure

  And he’s resting there, cradled in God’s hands

The things we learned from our fathers days, we just can’t count them all

Holding on to the memory, one day you hope to find the key

Son  of mine will you ever see your Granddad inside of me

Pull on your favorite boots, and take a walk with me… And


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