Our very first concert in Germany was in a small town called Havixbeck in the Munster area. The venue was a sweet little museum of artifacts made of local sandstone, which was one of the primary sculpting mediums for the old churches in that area. The countryside was so beautiful, we stayed on an extra day to explore the area before having to head over to our next gig in Altenberge, at the Cafe Sculptura. Also included in this album are photos from a side trip we made while in Hamburg, which was our next stop on this trip, to a town called Ahrensburg, where we visited a lovely ‘water castle’ (castle with a moat). As you can see from the photos, we met some amazing people and had some wonderful experiences. I mean, how many tourists get to ride a horse with a spectacular moustache through the streets of a town in Germany? And to sample the amazing food prepared by one of our fabulous hosts? Photos from Hamburg will come next. Stay tuned. (Also included is a pic of one of the several press clippings we had in the Munster newspaper – can’t wait to go back!)