Life. Everything that happens around us and inside our heads is fodder for our creative spirit; food for our art, whether they be songs or paintings or any other art form. When I think about what’s been happening in our lives lately, I think ‘how the hell are we supposed to make a song out of that’? But never mind. The Great Spirit of Creativity always comes through and allows us glimpses into new ways of looking at things.
Here’s what’s been happening in the world of Campbell + Green lately…


Marven-concertSince returning from our BC tour with our new CD we continue to receive excellent feedback on our new songs. Now, how do we let the people of the Maritimes know about them? That’s proving to be a challenge. We only know a handful of people here and most venues aren’t going to hire someone with no track record – at least in their minds. So, what to do? We are going to start frequenting open mics around town and Robert will continue to do what he’s fabulous at – talking to people. It will happen… when it happens. We are still planning a tour through parts of Europe and will let you know more when we have details. At the moment, we’re focusing on France, England, Germany and Scotland.

Robert is booked for several ‘side-man’ gigs with country singer Kevin Davison over the next couple of months. He’s a going concern in these parts and it gives Robert a chance to get out there and play! In fact, he’s playing this weekend in Hantsport. There’s going to be fireworks and all sorts of fun going on.

In the meantime, we continue to work on new songs. We had a such a great time recording our recent CD that we can’t wait to do it again. Working with our producer Jamie Robinson is inspiring all on it’s own. So stay tuned!

Home Life

It’s summer, which means there’s plenty to do around the outside of the house. Weeding, lawn cutting, weeding, lawn cutting, weeding… oh, build a fence… weeding, lawn cutting. Oh, yeah, and pull 59 porcupine quills out of our dog’s face, twist a tick off our other dog and watch to make sure she doesn’t have Lyme’s disease, and clean up the mess the bear made trying to destroy our bird feeder. The birds are still coming around wondering where the buffet is, but they’ll have to talk to the bear about that one. Sorry birds. It’s always one bad apple that has to spoil the bunch.

Cailin is painting again. Woohoo! She’s working on a painting of daisies. It’s a complicated painting – loads of fine detail. It will be a while before it’s finished, but it’s looking really good so far.

shed-carRobert and our neighbour, Rod, had a great afternoon moving our shed from the far back of the yard to up by the garage so Robert can use it as a more convenient wood shed. We have a wood-burning stove that heats our upper floor beautifully though the winter. We couldn’t understand why the shed was so far away from the house. So they moved it. With our little car. And some poles. They had a blast!

When not working around the house, Robert and Cailin head down to the Halifax Waterfront to view the sights, or to the beach with the dogs to walk in the beautiful soft sand and surf. We love summer.

Hope everyone is having a great summer of their own, too! Hugs to all, and doggy kisses from Duke and Daisy. Tasha the cat doesn’t care. XXOODaisy and Duke