DSC_0240And THIS time the challenge is a good one!
Every year for the last few years Robert has engaged in a songwriters challenge put on by the Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC) and often Cailin would join in. The experience is so rewarding that earlier this year we hosted a similar event. How it works is the organizers put out a weekly challenge to the songwriters that define the parameters for writing a song. It may be a tempo or a style or a theme or… anything that will spark an idea and maybe force you to create outside your comfort zone.
So… This week we’ve started the 2016 4 Song in 4 Weeks Blogging and Song Challenge and the first challenge was made by the fabulous Murray Daigle and was to write either a 2 chord song or a song with a one bar repeating theme.

We both started songs and when we got together, to share some draft ideas, Robert had a bluesy thing and Cailin had a perky pop tune started. Robert loved Cailin’s initial bit of an idea so we worked “I Wanna Be Your Girl” up and have it in draft demo mode now.

Initially it was a C to Am thing and Robert suggested that the nature of the song was perky/up and the minor was not supporting the tune so ‘just stay on the C. Since the Am is the relative minor it has many common notes so keep the same melody steady on the C and let’s try an F or a G for the change up and chorus.

After much bashing about of lyrics and chord ideas there was some structure and we made the chorus have a feel like it was changing at an odd place. We have some thoughts on a bridge and a coupe of other bits bit here is where it’s at right now:

Wanna Be Your Girl

Running out the back door
Heading for the seashore
Want to spend the time with you

Skipping in my flip flops
Waving off a rain drop
Going to steal a kiss or two

Savour every moment like a perfect string of pearls
‘Cause I wanna be, I wanna be your girl, I wanna be
I Wanna Be Your Girl

Got my new bikini
Gosh you are a sweetie
Isn’t this a beautiful view?

Get a little closer
Might be getting colder
Think I’ll fall in love with you


The air is feeling lighter
The stars a little brighter
Everything is new with you

Living in a daydream
Caught up in a sunbeam
Think I want to marry you


© Campbell + Green 2016