Just another married couple – Songwriting Challenge – Week 3 of 4


bedshotrgb3bThere’s a special kind of crazy that happens in our world sometimes. And that sometimes is now. Where can we start?
We got this great task for “Relationship building in songwriting”, the 3rd from the Songwriters Association 4×4 Songwriting and Blogging Challenge which was put forth by Michael Perlmutter
Problem is we have “Mom” here. Cailin’s mom. Which is great and she’s not a ‘problem’. The problem is time. We spent Monday through Wednesday in New Brunswick, came back for teaching the pop choir Cailin leads here at the house. Then we hosted the fabulous Lynn Miles for a concert here Friday night and all day Saturday for a songwriting workshop as well!!!

Needless to say we, as of now, have spent a total of 3.5 hours on the song. :-/
1 hour of brainstorming and just over 2 hours of writing, me playing guitar (badly) with Cailin making notes and just now throwing down this scratch draft. NOTE: Cailin is doing a one take quick pass singing both parts as Robert stumbled through the piano the first time after writing it on the guitar. It’s late. We’re tired. :-/

So what is it you are going to be listening too and why is this relationship building? It covers many bases really. Cailin and I had to write this together since we could not get outside the melee of our life. And it’s actually really good it happened this way.
This task forced us to write together, in the same rooms, face to face and with intent. This is NOT the way we usually write. Usually one of us has an idea and works it up then throws it to the other and back and forth and forth and back until it’s done, but NOT in the same room.
We love each other. Just not… well… you know, just not like that. We step over each other, we push each others buttons, we get snippy sometimes. So, that’s ALL the things you ‘should NOT do’ in a writing session. But it seems like this one worked to our advantage and it taught us a few new ways to proceed. We are learning to tolerate each others ‘unique’ writing process
It’s not a great song yet and we have ideas for a bridge, some edits already for some words/lines etc, but it will be a fun song and be part of our live show for sure. For now, the kernel of the song is there.

We look forward to your creative comments and ideas! Please contact us if you want to share your thoughts.

You Win
© Campbell + Green 2016

Another love song just won’t cut it, honey
We’re both long past that mush
It ain’t all blue skies and April showers, baby
You know that crap won’t flush
Find middle ground instead of digging dirt
A little give and take, it don’t hurt
Alright, okay, I’d love to do it your way
Alright, okay, you win

I know everything about you,
I know the toilet seat, the toothpaste, too
The socks left on the bathroom floor,
Especially when you say you don’t love me know more
Don’t want to argue, don’t want to fight
But I’m sorry to tell you, I know I’m right
I know everything about you
I know the sleeping late, the eye rolls, too
Hair in the sink, crumbs in the bed
Too much coffee and and the plants half dead
Don’t want to argue, don’t want to fight
But I’m sorry to tell you, I know I’m right

Vox1&2 harmony VERSE
I know everything about you, I know the way you tease means “I love you”
I know the smile on your face, the twinkle in your eye
I know that old love songs can make you cry