Daisy & Duke in the sun...It is a beautiful warm day here in Nova Scotia and the sun is shining bright in the blue sky!

The ‘record another album’ process is in full swing here and the fun, learning, challenges and, well… life never stops! “Life” meaning that it makes our life so full.

Our crafting of songs was augmented by the Pat Pattison online songwriting course we took part in over the last 6+ weeks. We learned so much! We wrote, rewrote and created anew. It was a great and beneficial experience and we think some good songs came out of it too.

All the while, we’ve kept up with our business clients, visited with Cailin’s Dad (The Authoritative News Voice from St. Johns NFLD), tried to work out and walk the dogs when time allowed, and are still booking gigs for our BC trip in June, and recording tracks for the album. AND get our new studio/house concert space ready for our FIRST house concert here in Nova Scotia with Shari Ulrich! Man… is that enough?

Thankfully Cailin’s cold is on it’s way out the door so we can get down to tracking the last of the vocals with Jamie this week! Then we are into ‘the big studio’ for bass / drums, then final overdubs, then off to mastering to wrap it up… so all is on track. Jamie Robinson is providing superb input and doing just what a great producer does… kindly suggests changes, introduces new concepts and creates an overall ambiance for the collected works.

Currently, Robert is working on the best options for delivering the songs and Cailin is thinking about CD design / artwork! Since our first CD from, what?, 4 or 5 years ago? things have changed. There are new acronyms and options for things: ISRC, iTunes, SOCAN, CD Baby, metadata… it is a bit of a minefield.

We welcome folks, both musicians and casual listeners, to comment on what is the best ‘vehicle’ for delivering our songs. We know iTunes is essential, but is CD Baby the best way to get things like download cards, tracking & payment and so on? Or is some other platform better? Thoughts?

Ok, that’s enough for now! The beautiful sunny blue skies are calling. Time to walk the dogs!