Wow! We’ve been busy these past few months! We’ve hardly left the house as we were working on our new album ‘On Being Human’. The CD is out for printing and we are now putting all our attention on getting ready to go to Europe! Woohoo!

On May 9th, our Apples & Oranges 2018 Tour begins.

Apples 'n' Oranges Tour Dates poster

Apples ‘n’ Oranges Tour Dates poster

Apples & Oranges you ask? We wanted a tour name to reflect our views on how we felt about our music, life and touring. We have a wide variety of music in our history and our life together. We see thousands of people in our travels. And we see a lot of each other every day, too! And because of all the differences, just like there are differences between Apples & Oranges, it makes life interesting and wonderful.

There is a way to peacefully coexist, to ‘agree to disagree’ sometimes, and to share our hopes and dreams, failures and triumphs, and to continually work towards making the world a more inclusive and caring place.

Our first single off the album is due to be released very soon. Several of our new songs are quite introspective, personal or meaningful to us in some way or other. These songs were inspired by our travels, the people we’ve met, and various relationships. We hope you find a song or two off the album that resonate for you – maybe even inspire you.

Our Apples & Oranges tour dates are listed here and include shows in Toronto, Montreal, Germany, Denmark, Belgium and Netherlands! Follow along on our adventure through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We’ll be posting lots of photos.

If you’re anywhere near any of these venues, please do come say hello and, if you would be so kind, share our world & invite your friends!