The sun has found Nova Scotia. We’ve been back for a week and a half with a bit of grey & rain until now. It’s hot and sunny, and promises to be for a while, which is great because Jazzfest starts today in Halifax and we’ll be catching lots of music over the coming 10 days! We’re looking forward to getting down to the waterfront for the afternoon shows and some of the night time stuff too. Robert is looking forward to hearing the multimedia & piano improv show on Tuesday and we may catch a workshop as well.

Around ROCA House…

Last night we spotted fireflies in the forest outside our windows. Lots of them twinkling, low to the ground; that’s something we didn’t see in BC. What we did see were bears. It appears they have them here, too. And they eat bird feeders.

Robert has a good start on the log rail fence he’s building to keep the dogs in the front yard. Cailin does a good job of project manager. We’re so grateful to our neighbour who donated lots of small 10 foot ( that’s 3 meters!) logs he had from his house construction! Just need to get a few more to finish it off and we’ll be able to let Duke the dog out without having to tie him up.

Next steps… 
We are now booking gigs on the East Coast and finding house concerts and other venues so we can get out and see the countryside and meet more of the great folks out here.

As far as our hosting house concerts here at ROCA House we are currently talking with a couple of artists who are coming through and should have something nailed down soon.

As soon as we have something concrete to report you will be the first to know and we hope you are able to make it out! From wherever you are!

Thank you! 
Now that we are settled back into the daily routine of the house owner, we have been thinking back on our BC Tour with warm hearts. It was so wonderful to see everyone and we are so grateful to all who made an effort to come out and hear our new music. Our songs and CD were really well received and we were humbled by all the genuine, heart-felt comments. You encourage us to keep moving forward with our music and inspire us to write more songs. You are the reason we are living our dream. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!