New tracks are done!

That’s a wrap! Our new EP of three brand new songs is done and, thanks to CD Baby, is available for download there and via Google Play, iTunes and all the other online services. Woohoo! We will be releasing the tunes one at a time to radio, but all you wonderful people who listen to our music, you – the reason we make music! – can hear these tunes now!

These fabulous recordings are the work of some brilliantly talented people we couldn’t have done this without:

  • Producer and guitarist, mandolin, a keyboard track, programming, BG’s and engineering and… he’s a damn fine guy all round too. Our thanks here can’t do him justice – Jamie Robinson. Truly our hero!
    • Thanks also to Dave Gunning who threw his hat into the ring and assisted with engineering and mix. More than just a great songwriter/performer!
  • The Players:
    • Acoustic & Electric Bass – Ronald J Hynes – Ron played on our last album, “When One Door Closes” as well, superb
    • Kris MacFarlane – damn fine drummer
    • Ian Sherwood with a great clarinet solo on ‘Don’t Take Your Troubles To The Grave’
    • Bob MacDonald with some smooth pedal steel on ‘Big Hearts & Small Towns’
  • and big thanks to FACTOR for their support!

Have a listen and let us know what you think! Maybe leave a comment or testimonial here.
We would be honoured if you shared these with the world!

We are also in the midst of booking our 2017 shows including the UK, Germany, Netherlands, and, of course, Canada! The tour is all self-produced and we welcome your input, support and any connections you wish to share, either here in the Maritimes of Canada, across the country, or overseas.
Love you all!
Cailin + Robert