LawnCutting1After much thinking over the last few years, Cailin and I decided we wanted a change. We wanted to spend a little more time on music and art and to do so we wanted more studio space (separately) and to reduce mortgage. So we sold our house and were looking for homes in the Maple Ridge area. A series of events and communications led us to take a ‘look & see’ holiday to Nova Scotia. We looked around for a few days; we liked it. We looked at houses for a few days; we bought one.

Cailin has here blog here: where she has been writing about the process. We knew there would be many changes and challenges and new adventures. That is what we need in our lives sometimes and all is okay. We miss our BC friends and family. Sometimes a lot. But we have our vision and will return in 2013 to play and visit, visit and play! Stay tuned… Stay in touch.