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2019 – Ready Made Christmas

8 songs for the holiday season, 5 originals and 3 covers. On this one we have a few special guests, Chase Banks on Vibraphone on ‘Ave Maria’, Suzanne Kozo on Accordion on ‘Christmas in Paris’ and the late, great Chris Meister on Drums on ‘Ready-Made Christmas’. Once again, mixed by Chris Iannetti

2018 – ‘On Being Human’

We are so proud of this album, as this is the culmination of a year’s hard work, writing, arranging, recording and producing. A little moodier, perhaps, than previous albums, focusing on various aspects of the human condition. Having come a long way since our first recording, we were ready to spread our wings and co-produce this album with great encouragement from our producer, Jamie Robinson. This time, Cailin plays all the guitar tracks, and the instrumentation is mostly played by Campbell + Green as you would hear us on stage. Jamie plays a bit of mandolin on one track, and there are a bit of atmospheric pads here and there, but largely, it is just the duo, with Robert on keys, as always, but also with a bit of accordion. 🙂 This album was meticulously mixed and mastered by Chris Iannetti. Click on the selection above or Email us!

2016 – ‘2 of Hearts’ EP

An upbeat little collection of three songs with two folk/pop tunes and a country tune. We needed new material for the next tour we had booked, again across Canada and Europe, but only had the time and resources to record a couple of tunes. The drum tracks were recorded at The Wee House of Music Co. and engineered by Dave Gunning. The amazing Jamie Robinson, once again, produced the project and played the guitar tracks, and Ronald J. Hynes once again played bass. Click on the selection below or Email us!

2015 – ‘When One Door Closes’

After getting some positive feedback from our previous album, along with of ton of learning and improving of our craft, we branched out and began touring across Canada and Europe with this new album. This time we recorded the bass and drum tracks at Codapop Studios, again with drummer Adam Dowling, and bassist Ronald J. Hynes. Jamie Robinson once again produced the album and played guitar and mandolin. We had a great touring season and couldn’t wait to get back in the studio for more. Click on the selection above or Email us!

2013 – ‘East’

Our first album of all original songs (contemporary folk/pop) which features three of the finest players on the east coast: Jamie Robinson (producer/guitars), Adam Dowling (drums) and Jamie Gatti (bass). This album was recorded at DC Productions Studio. It’s a collection of 9 original pop/folk/blues style ‘singer/songwriter’ songs. We can send you a signed hard copy CD. C Email us!

2009 – ‘roca – Feelin’ Alright’

At the time played more frequently, especially at tourist oriented venues, we were constantly asked if we had a CD for sale. So, we put together a collection of our fans’ favourite cover tunes. We still have a few available. Click on the selection above or Email us!

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