We’ve been busy with so many things!


Cailin's art site... go now!Cailin has dropped out of the graphic design business after about 30 years of printing, design and marketing work. Now she is focusing on painting and mixed media work in her studio. Then she writes music when she wants a break. Check out her site at CailinGreen.com for a peek at some of the very cool things she is working on!

Studio fun

We’re working on some of our new songs for the next album with Jamie Robinson. So far we have 6 selected and are working on tweaks to some of the lyrics and arrangements. We have about a dozen more tunes we are grinding away on to completion and then short list another 6 or so. In the coming weeks we will start recording tracks!

Thinking about doing a cover or two as well maybe. Any ideas what tune(s) might be good?

 Radio Show!!

Cal Lewis hosts a radio show called “Cal’s Closet” on CFTA Tantramar Radio here in Nova Scotia and was kind enough to do a 2 part show on us!! The link below has both parts streaming on Soundcloud.

Media Works ‘Live Off The Floor”

Go to our Video Page and check out some of the video we did with Andrew, John and Alex. It was all rather impromptu (as in no rehearsal!) but they did a great job from having a listen to some tracks and reading charts. Really appreciate their great work on these tunes!