These are photos of our experience and the beautiful things we saw in Paris this past October. Even then, we saw a military presence in busy public places like train stations and museums. Although a wee bit disconcerting, it certainly didn’t take away from the beauty that surrounded us – the art, the architecture, and especially… the people. We loved Paris and would go back there in a heartbeat.

We were remarking to each other today how interesting it was to finally see the Eiffel Tower close up and in person. Even though we grow up seeing pictures of the iconic structure, nothing prepares you for the actual experience. To stand underneath and look up at the immensity of it, the whole thing lit up against the night sky, truly is awe-inspiring. Something, I think, only the best of the best photographers can really capture. For what it’s worth, here is my feeble attempt. ~ Cailin

(p.s. – I don’t think this is feeble at all. – Robert)